Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Nature of Energy

We talk about energy so much in the Macrobiotic community, but what practical purpose does an understanding of energy have to living a fulfilled and joyful life? Yes, we may study energy and energy medicine if we are practitioners of energy healing (Qi Gong, Reiki, Acupuncture, Marma Therapy, etc.) and so we commonly think of energy as this mystical force to be controlled and directed for physical healing.
This is certainly an important aspect of energy (the healing aspect, that is), but an understanding of the nature of energy goes so far beyond that! And whether or not you are a practitioner of energy medicine makes little difference in the importance of at least having a basic appreciation for the nature of energy.
Energy is, quite literally, everything.  This concept is discussed very frequently in the field of physics known as Quantum Mechanics, but the idea that all physical matter (and we mean ALL physical matter, including our bodies and cells and tissues) is at its core energy is an essentially proven fact in both the holistic and scientific fields. The rate at which energy is vibrating will determine how it manifests as physical matter (whether that energy gives rise to carbon or nitrogen or whatever). But remember, if everything is energy, then that means EVERYTHING is energy.  Our food is energy, our thoughts, our emotions, our clothing and houses, its all energy at the end of the day. So everything that we do, think, say, feel, expose ourselves to, it will all have a profound effect on how our energy field (the energy that is creating the physical body we currently inhabit). 
This may sound rather confusing, and that’s because it is.  We’re talking about the very nature of the universe after all! But the reason we bring this subject up today is not to confuse you or give you a headache, but rather to give you an idea of just how interconnected we are to our internal and external environment. As an external example, we so often talk about our food as a collection of nutrients. 
But if food, like everything else, is really just concentrated energy, then we need to think about what the energetic quality of that food is and how it will affect our energy level.  Was the food prepared with love (which will impart that love energy into us when we eat it), or was it processed in a giant machine somewhere by stressed out people? As an internal example, do I put up a brave face every day and show the world that I am happy and confident, but inside I am stressed out of my mind and the thought I wish there was a way out of this! constantly running through my head?  If so, is it any wonder that I will get ill and sick despite the fact that I “look” healthy?
So the question for us all to ask ourselves: What sort of energy am I bringing into myself today?  Am I surrounding myself with people that will either build up or tear down the quality of my energetic vibration? Do I justify eating food that is rotten because I need something quick and convenient, or am I giving myself the gift of nourishing food? Am I open and honest with myself about my feelings and emotions, or do I pretend they aren’t there? These are not meant to be judgmental or critical questions, rather they are meant to help us gain a deeper sense of self-awareness so that we can realize which aspects of our lives are vibrating at a high level, and which ones need closer attention and care.
We cannot escape the truth that everything we experience will affect us in some way. And while we shouldn’t become obsessive or fearful about being exposed to something “bad”, we can at least start the practice of seeing the world at more than just a collection of stuff.  Rather, it is a collection of intricately connected, beautifully dancing energy.  And every day we can make the best decisions that we can to bring in and put out as much healing, loving, joyous energy possible. 


  1. Let's transform ourselves through the energy in our food, thoughts, actions! I loved this article, thank you Anthony.