Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Power of Our Words

Happy New Years Eve, everyone!

As we move into a glorious new year, one full of potential and hope and promise, it is common that many of us seek to make resolutions and personal commitments and goals. I wanted to share a little experiment that I conducted in November in hopes that it can serve as a motivation to become more conscious and aware of the power of our words and thoughts in this upcoming year.

If you have never heard of Dr. Emoto before, I highly recommend you check out his amazing website to see all about the incredible work he has done showing the incredible power of words, sounds, thoughts, and symbols, and how their energy changes us right down to the molecular level. While reading one of his many accounts of the power of words, I came across an experiment that was done with a group of school-aged children. The children (who I believe were in Japan) were given two bowls of rice, and were instructed to say loving words to one bowl of rice whenever they entered the room, and negative words to the other bowl. After about a month or so, the negative rice had turned black and foul while the positive bowl remained clean and sweet smelling. I thought this sounded like a great idea, so I got to work!

I pressure cooked some short grain brown rice, and divided the rice into two sterilized glass jars. I think wrote "I Love You" on a piece of paper and taped it to the outside of one glass, and "I Hate You" on the other. Then, once a day for 30 days I would go to the two jars, and for 1 minute say and thinking loving and kind words to the Love jar (You're Beautiful; I Love You; You are Wonderful; etc.) and negative words to the other (You're Ugly; I Hate You; You Failure; etc.).

At the end of the month, the rice looked about the same (no yucky black mold) so I was curious as to whether the words did anything or not. When I opened up the jars and emptied out the rice, I absolutely saw and smelled the difference!

As you can see, the "I Love You" rice remained very moist and soft. It had a pleasantly sweet, lightly fermented smell (for all my Macrobiotic friends, it smelled exactly like Natto!), and I was struck by how all the grains were in a single mass. I know it may sound silly, but it was like they were all holding onto one another. By comparison, the "I Hate You" rice was very, very sour smelling, and despite the fact that both jars were sealed (so no water could evaporate out) the rice was very dry, almost dessicated looking. It was lacking in moisture, and the grains all fell apart from one another. Again, it was like they were "pushing" one another away.

It isn't anything groundbreaking or shocking I fully admit, but it really struck me that there really was a very noticeable difference between the two jars. It made me think about not only what we do to one another when we say hurtful words, but what is happening when we think them? Either towards ourselves or others, every word and thought gives off a vibrational energy, and that energy is changing us at the very base levels of our physical being. And if these words can change the structure and life cycle of a few grains of rice in just a few weeks, what does a lifetime of angry, hurtful words and thoughts do to our own tissues and cells? Even if we never say these words out loud, they are still being generated and giving off their vibration, and the effects can be healing or damaging, depending on what it is we are saying and thinking.

Just a little thought as we ring in a brand new year. I for one am absolutely trying to be much, much more conscious of what it is that I have remain unspoken, my inner voice and inner dialogue. Just because an angry or hurtful thought goes unspoken doesn't mean it isn't capable of projecting its energy. And hopefully, with continued awareness and meditation and mindfulness, all of us can change the way in which we form our words and thoughts and feelings so that we are projecting more love and healing and kindness out into the world, and down into our inner selves.

Have a beautiful and happy new year, and be well!